Discounted Buy-To-Let Property

Buy-to-let property is now a very popular form of investment due to its potential to provide a healthy rental income and capital growth.

With the number of people renting privately owned accommodation on the increase and the number of tenants continuing to rise, now is the ideal time to jump on board and take advantage of our property opportunities, with low prices, great yields and instant equity gain from day one.


With buy to let investment, profit can be achieved in two ways: 

Rental Yields - the amount your tenant(s) pay in rent, minus any maintenance and running costs;

Capital Growth - the profit you earn when you sell your property at a later date with capital gains.


Our safe and secure, buy to let investments are perfect for investors looking to successfully build their own property portfolios, or for those looking for a higher return than they currently get from banks, pensions, bonds and the stock market.

We have heavily discounted buy to let property available for sale in excellent rental locations, including Essex and London where void periods are kept to a minimum.

In Chelmsford for instance, following the huge economic investment over the last decade it has become an extremely trendy place for young professionals to live meaning that rental demand has remained consistently strong for several years. Using our ability to negotiate bulk deals, our investors are able to achieve yields that far surpass those found in any other major cities around the UK.