People looking for additional retirement income:

‘I’m a solicitor in central London and am responsible for looking after my wife and three young children. I was worried about my retirement because I don’t believe that pension schemes are good enough anymore. I therefore decided to look into investing my savings in buy to let property. After meeting up with Lattice they fully understood my situation and recommended a property that not only provides me with additional monthly income but was also bought at a discounted price. I’m using my property as the foundation to build a portfolio over the coming years that will allow me to enjoy my retirement in comfort.’

- AMyeroff

People looking for high yielding investments:

‘I have known the owners of ABC INVESTMENTS for over 10 years and in all this time have considered them to be some of the most diligent and consummate of professionals. The advice they have given me during this time, and my subsequent investments, despite the somewhat challenging environments of recent years, have always yielded good results. I wish I had more liquid assets to invest!’

- Mitul Modi 

People looking for a safe and secure investment:

‘Having lived in Australia for a number of years I had kept one eye on the UK property market and had contact with some property investment companies. Having researched further I found that the products they offered as being ‘below market value’ and ‘off market sales’ to actually be inflated above market value and available via numerous sales agents.

Being in Australia I was nervous and wanted to ensure I made the right decisions on property/location etc. A friend put me in touch with ABC Investments and it was instantly apparent that these guys knew their market! I purchased 2 properties in as many months with real discounts. They also helped me furnish and find a tenant very quickly after completion. My situation changed the end of 2012 so I decided to sell these investments and I have been able to turn them very quickly making a nice profit on both of them.’

- Jonathan Cowper

People with £30,000 - £5m capital to invest:

‘Having been in business for the best part of 30 years I have seldom come across an individual, if any at all, with the business acumen of David from ABC INVESTMENTS. A thoroughbred company with a first class package. A product and business unparalleled with many, many satisfied clients.

Having a concept is one thing, to deliver is another. A fantastic investment and all round service, pleasure to be a client. From selection to completion this company is unsurpassed!’

- Darren Beazant

People looking to build a buy to let property portfolio:

‘I’m originally from Manchester but now live abroad working as a University lecturer. Over the last few years I’ve noticed the strength of the UK buy to let property market. So I decided to get in touch with ABC INVESTMENTS because they didn’t charge me any fees until I actually owned the property. I now own two apartments in Manchester City Centre which literally have no void periods and provide me with extra income. Next year I’m going to remortgage the properties which will allow me to invest in more properties.’

- C. Hauxwell 

People looking for a higher return than they currently get from banks, pensions, bonds and the stock market:

I sold my business a few years ago and was therefore fortunate enough to have some cash sitting in the bank earning very little interest. Once I met the guys at ABC INVESTMENTS I realised that I could invest this capital into several buy-to-let properties that would give me a significantly higher return on my cash. The properties I bought were also heavily discounted, and I now own a portfolio of properties generating a good income.’

- Jonathan E 

People looking to invest money for their children’s future:

‘I found ABCINVESTMENTS on the internet when Iwaslookingforlong terminvestmentsformychildren.IfoundABCINVESTMENTStobevery understandingofmysituationandtheyhelpedmeputtogetherasmall portfoliothatgivesmeextraincomeandcanalsobehandeddowntomy childreninthefuture.’

- Daniel Killoran